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About Simply Social

Simply Social, LLC  offers comprehensive interpersonal, relational, and social skills training for individuals and families with autism, other developmental disabilities, and social challenges. The basis of the training is building friendships and relationship skills that can be utilized across settings or locations including in the workplace, school, community, and home.  While social skills do not have to be perfect, we all need some level of social interaction skills. This may look different for each person, depending on their disability and personal abilities. What is known, is that with proven interventions and treatments, social skills can be improved with quality teaching and practice.


The Simply Social model was adapted from the UCLA PEERS  Curriculum model which is one of very few social skills curricula and training programs considered evidence based, showing that skills are maintained over time as supported through research.  The training is provided by two clinical behavior analysts and therapists that specialize in social skills teaching. Both therapists are certified in the UCLA social skills teen and/or adult curriculum and understand that teaching teens and adults is much different than teaching young children social skills, and that it is important to teach social skills in natural settings (meaning with their peer group).

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Is Social Skills Training Really Needed?