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Employment Skills & Support

Simply Social provides training in employment skills and development. All teaching aligns with best practice standards and procedures in learning, generalizing, and maintaining new skills. Our staff has a strong background in numerous disabilities and conditions, an understanding of co-existing conditions (someone with multiple disabilities), and many combined years of training and clinical practice teaching new skills and changing behavior. Research based practices are consistently used in group and one-on-one settings with staff experience in behavior analysis, teaching, psychology, and employment.

The goal for employment is always reaching the greatest level of independence possible and teaching functional employment skills.  This means having the skills and abilities to do a job. Skills can be gained, increasing independence, through teaching the needed job skills, social (soft) skills, strategies for self-management, and self-advocacy.

The U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disabilities Employment (ODEP) indicates that employers are reporting a greater need for employees with improved soft (social) skills. Some of these skills include being able to problem solve, work as a team, and self-initiate.  Soft skills are often a barrier to getting and keeping jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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