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Contact us at:

P.O. Box 283, Bath, MI 48808

Getting Started

To get started with services:

  1. Fill out a Simply Social Interest Form.

  2. Parent of teen or the adult will be contacted for a phone intake and provided additional information about the program and how to be included in an upcoming class.

  3. A face-to-face intake may be scheduled to get additional background and meet the teen or adult.

  4. The teen or adult may be asked to complete several brief questionnaires to help us better understand their knowledge of social skills and experiences in social and employment settings.

  5. The teen or adult will be assigned an upcoming group or added to a wait list for an upcoming group. If the upcoming groups are not a match for the individual, other options will be discussed.

  6. The teen or adult will receive a welcome e-mail with additional information about the class.

  7. If there are general questions about services, contact us at or call us at 989.640.3992 or 517-505-2520.