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School-Based Training

Simply Social has worked with schools and educators in offering social skills training during the school day or immediately after school.  We will work flexibly with the school staff in portions of the curriculum used, length of sessions, frequency of sessions, having peers assist as social coaches, and more.  This has been a successful model in several classrooms  during a core, study skills, or resource room hour.  Sessions have also been coordinated after school to accommodate the school and student's schedules.  In-school or after school programming has been provided for St. Johns High School, Eaton Rapids High School, Grand ledge High School, and others are in planning. Benefits of providing training during the school day:

  • Reach greater number of students as they are already at school

  • Students are engaged as part of their school day or immediately after school where down or free time is not impacted

  • Utilize peers as social coaches so intervention can be learned to provide feedback to students participating in the class and support their learning and generalization of skills

  • No funding by the school is required


Please contact us at for more information and details.